Qatari Philanthropists Donate for Construction Of 79 Mosques in 18 African Countries

Qatari philanthropists have donated for the construction of 79 mosques in 18 African countries at a total cost of about QAR 5 million.

At least 40,000 worshipers benefited of the “Construction Of Mosques” Project being implemented by the Islamic Dawah Organization in 42 African countries.

Director General of the Islamic Dawah Organization Office in Qatar, Hammad Abdul-Qader, said the organization had embarked on the construction of 26 mosques in the Republic of the Gambia, 22 mosques in Somalia and 5 mosques in each of Uganda, Senegal and other African countries.

In a press statement on Monday, Sheikh Hammad said that the organization aims through the construction of such important institutions to provide worship sites for Muslims in remote areas in Africa in addition to spreading the true teachings of Islam, gathering the Muslims in those communities and unifying their ranks.

He thanked Qatari philanthropists who donated for the construction of mosques and other projects carried out by the organization in the African, Arab and Islamic countries, praising their continued efforts.