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The British Drewry Financial Research Services Ltd, which specializes in providing investment advice, said that the liquefied gas sector has proven to be more flexible after the decrease in demand for liquefied natural gas caused by the Coved 19 pandemic weakened global energy demand with the cancellation of many LNG shipments in the United States.

The company added that despite the decline in the share prices of the main LNG shipping companies by 36.8% since the beginning of the year to date, the companies that have a tanker fleet and have long-term contracts have performed well. Adding that one of these companies that have performed well is the Qatar Gas Tankers Company, where its share price has increased by 14.5% since the beginning of the year to date.

The Foundation added that this year Qatar Airways Company has converted ships that ship supplies to be under their full management. Noting that in May, the tankers took over the management and operations of the full technical operations of the LNG vessel Al-Kharaitiyat from the Cofflex from Shell International Trade and Shipping Company Limited, as part of the second stage of the plan of the process of transferring the technical and operational management of the ships to be managed internally.

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Noting that the ship “Al-Kharaitiyat” has a capacity of 216,300 cubic meters, wholly owned by tankers and chartered by Qatar Gas Company. The ship was built in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries and was delivered in June 2009 and has been in service since then. Al-Kharaitiyat is considered the second ship from the second stage in the process of transferring the technical and operational management of ships from Shell to “Carriers for Shipping Qatar Limited.” This year “bringing the total number of vessels managed internally by” tankers “to 20 ships, consisting of 16 LNG ships and 4 LPG ships.

The British Foundation indicates that the prices of tanker shares were relatively flexible in the past month and decreased by only 2.6% on average as it appears that the prices of LNG shipping have found solid ground amid a positive view towards the return of gas prices to rise. The LPG shipping sector was better than its LNG counterparts, despite the implications of the Corona virus, which affects energy demand. The Corporation says: We continue to maintain our positive forecasts for the sector for the period between 2020 and 2024, supported by strong annual growth of 3% in the LPG trade during this period. ”According to the Foundation, it is expected that the growth of the LPG trade will decline slightly by 0.8% in The year 2020.