The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) representative yesterday hailed Qatar’s contributions to the international efforts to help the world get rid of drugs and crime.
“Qatar is keen to host such international events and extending good support to the UN and its agencies to achieve their goals,” Bianca Kopp, UNODC representative, told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the ongoing World Congress of Criminology.
“Our member states are lending us support. But, Qatar is special with its commitment. These have made Doha important for us. Doha has brought academic and experts all over the world together,” she said while observing that co-operation between all and a comprehensive approach are needed to tackle the challenges.
The UNODC official noted that the 2015 Doha Declaration on the Integration of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was a milestone in history as the first political declaration to highlight the importance of the role of education in combating crime.
“We have not been working with academics before the Doha Declaration. We would not have done this without the support of Qatar. The country deserves mention for support for the implementation of the Doha Declaration and the Education for Justice initiative, which is principal theme to the fight against crime,” she added.