Doha: As part of its activities for this year, Qatar Charity (QC) organised a week-long summer camp for Mogadishu University, attended by about 150 male and female students from different faculties and specialities.

Engineer Khalid Al Yaf’i, Director, Operations Management, Executive Management, QC, said, “QC aims at reinforcing and stressing educational values and did the same with its sponsored students at the university.

“Such programmes help achieve humanitarian and developmental objectives of sponsorship project, which is the most important field of intervention in Somalia,” he added.

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Al Yaf’i thanked sponsors who contributed to the sponsorship of students, who would be the future leaders of their country. “I encourage good-doers to continue support for sponsorship and other projects,” he said.

Mohammed Hussein Omar, Director, QC’s Office in Somalia, said, “The camp included educational activities and lectures on social, economic and political affairs in Somalia. The opening of the camp was attended by dignitaries and experts, including University President Ali Sheikh Ahmed Abu Baker and board members.

“The students will participate in a discovery trip to showcase their talents and creativity and exchange experiences.”

Omar said the camp preceded the beginning of the new school year to help students enjoy a fresh start. “The camp made them more energetic and dynamic to begin the new school year with experience and skills.”

QC’s office also organised a fun day for sponsored orphans, who were taken to As-Salam Park in Mogadishu.

QC is sponsoring over 100,000 orphans in 34 countries, making it the leading institution in the field. The beneficiaries psychological, educational, social and health services while being surrounded by their family or included in society, in addition to a monthly payment.