The Women’s Branch of Qatar Charity Centre for Community Development in Al Rayyan has launched a series of cultural, educational, social and recreational programmes, announcing that registration is still open for women, girls and children.
Targeting children, girls, non-literate mothers, educated women, and non-Arabic-speaking mothers, the four programmes aim to teach them Arabic and the Holy Qur’an,
The programmes, which kicked off this month and will last until the end of December, include training courses, workshops, lectures, cultural events and competitions. Some 300 persons are expected to benefit from these activities.
One of these programme aims to provide a Qur’anic environment that includes the scientific, educational and cultural aspects as role models.
It also aims at consolidating the principles and values that contribute to building personality. The programme is expected to benefit 180 students, including mothers and non-Arabic speaking women.
Another programme aims to teach children correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabet and letters and enhance their reading and writing skills, in addition to holding cultural activities to improve their acquired reading and writing abilities. The programme targets 85 children aged 4 to 7 years. The third programme offers an excellent opportunity for women and girls to memorise the Holy Qur’an completely.
Some 20 female participants aged 16 or above are expected to benefit from this programme.
The Women’s Branch of Qatar Charity Centre for Community Development in Al Rayyan also offers a course named “My Language” to teach non-literate mothers correct pronunciations of letters and basics of the Arabic language.
These programmes fall within Qatar Charity’s keenness to provide young people and students with a safe environment combining educational, scientific, cultural and recreational aspects, by using and applying a scientific method suitable for all participants.