Doha Youth Camp for Volunteerism and Humanitarian Action organised a lecture on the sustainable development goals (SDGs), delivered by a team from Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). The lecture was held at the camp in Darb Al Saai, Doha the capital of Islamic youth 2019.
Samer Franjieh, an expert at the QFFD, explained the main sustainable development goals that the Fund works to achieve in the health sector, in ensuring quality education and in promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
The lecture presented the role of the QFFD as a Qatari public institution tasked with co-ordinating and implementing foreign development assistance projects on behalf of Qatar. It noted the QFFD’s efforts in providing assistance to many countries around the world and providing financial grants in countries facing crises, conflicts and natural disasters to reach more than 70 geographical locations around the world.
The lecture highlighted the most important projects offered by QFFD, including the programme “Quest” which aims mainly to provide education and training to nearly 400,000 Syrian refugees within Syria and in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. The total amount of the initiative exceeds $150mn. Other programmes are Qatar Creating Vision (QCV), which seeks to provide free eye tests and treatment to 6mn children across India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and the lives and livelihoods program to create jobs in the poorest regions around the world in collaboration with the Bill Gates Foundation.
As part of the field training, participants of the Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work visited the General Directorate of Civil Defence, where a simplified scenario on fire reports was received and the participants learned how to take action properly to minimise losses.
The Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary Work and Humanitarian is held within the events of Doha, with the participation of youth delegations from 53 countries of the Islamic world. Its activities will continue until November 6. (QNA)