Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) made ambitious achievements during 2019 through the accomplishment of many of its strategic objectives at the media, business and support levels, within the framework of its strategic plans and the efforts of its human resources, as well as planning and preparing for a number of future projects.
This year witnessed a qualitative development regarding the quality of work and programmes offered by QMC’s affiliates, such as Qatar Radio, Qatar Television and the Quran Kareem Radio, in addition to other developments in the media sectors in the country.
Qatar Radio presented distinguished works, programmes and radio series in various fields, which won the appreciation and satisfaction of its listeners inside and outside Qatar. The radio station won many awards and recognition in festivals and media competitions in the Gulf and Arab regions.
During its participation in the 20th session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival held in Tunis in June, Qatar Radio won the first prize in the comedy drama field and the first prize in the radio documentary contest. Qatar also won two gold medals for two programmes produced by Qatar Radio.
Oryx FM Radio, a 24-hour French-language service, is a qualitative leap in Qatar Radio programmes.
The Oryx FM Radio website was also launched in French, doubling the level of communication with listeners. Qatar TV has achieved numerous news, programming, artistic and sporting achievements during 2018-2019, which met the wishes of its viewers and kept pace with the achievements of the QMC in all its departments and sections.
In this context, news monitoring has kept up with all the plans to improve the work and news services provided to audiences in Qatar and around the world, as it seeks to activate the vision of the QMC to develop news work, which focused on the importance of qualifying cadres and supporting the needs of news work with a number of techniques to facilitate and develop news, transmitting cultural, social and sporting events, and covering the visits of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and his foreign participations.
For its part, the development department of QMC attained a number of achievements through its tasks and the establishment and development of effective relationships with local press institutions during the 2018-2019 period.
The department co-ordinated with the concerned authorities in the field of organising the press situation, supporting and developing the local press, studying and analysing the trends and coverage of the local press, extracting and evaluating the internal public opinion trends, as well as co-ordinating and co-operating with the relevant authorities in developing the professional skills and abilities of the national energies in the press sector, such as Al Jazeera Media Institute.
Meanwhile, Al Kass channels continued to cover all the events in sports, which included local, Arab and international events with professionalism and efficiency.
They also worked on developing sports awareness and dissemination to the public, in addition to conducting dialogues with specialists and following up on sports analysis through its various programmes.
It also produced specialised sports programmes on various types of sports, as well as documentary programmes on women’s sport.
As for Sout Al Khaleej Radio’s achievements, it presented new quality of song and melodies, in addition to recording many exclusive sessions for Qatari and Arab singers.