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fintech times newspaper for financial research published a list in which it revealed the ten largest banks in the Gulf region. QNB was ranked first as the largest bank in the Middle East and Africa in terms of the size of its assets, after its assets reached about $ 259.5 billion, equivalent to 20.6% of the total assets of Gulf banks, according to the report, indicating the tremendous development in the size of QNB’s assets, which was a result of the tremendous work carried out by officials on this bank since its establishment in 1964, and today it has managed 42 branches and employed 29,000 employees. It is expected that the bank will continue its expansion inside and outside Doha during the next phase, in light of the implementation of its strategy, which always seeks to achieve further development and prosperity in the financial sector.

QNB Group was recently awarded “Best Digital Bank – Qatar 2020” and “Most Innovative Loan Bank – Qatar 2020”, by Global Business Outlook, and these two prestigious awards were awarded to the bank in recognition of its continuous efforts to provide an enhanced banking experience and a unique set of products and services. Innovative designed specifically for its clients.The two awards highlight the bank’s long-term commitment and success in providing the best products and services to its customers. It is noteworthy that QNB digital products are designed to meet the needs of individuals and local and international companies, allowing customers to carry out their daily transactions and manage their accounts more efficiently, quickly and securely, and to deal with the resulting effects recently. On the COVID-19 pandemic, QNB has successfully launched a campaign to provide online services to all corporate customers through its e-commerce portal platform that provides a one-stop shop for customers seeking access to trade finance products, reducing the need for original paperwork and documents or branch visits.

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The group also topped the list of the 500 most valuable banking brands in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to strengthening its leadership among the 500 strongest global brands, according to the annual report issued by Brand Finance, and the value of the QNB Group banking brand increased to $ 6.028 billion. Compared to 5.04 billion US dollars last year, a growth of nearly 20%.The BSI Group brand strength index also continued to rise to 82 out of 100 compared to 79 last year, driven by its strong financial position, sustainable performance and growing international expansion. The group brand continued its leadership to rank 342 out of the 500 strongest global brands compared to 405 Last year, an advance of 63 ranks, while this year it ranked 52nd in the global ranking of banking brands compared to 61 in 2019, at a time when its rating rose to AAA – with a positive outlook that made it the highest banking brand in Qatar and the region