The preparations for Qatar National Day are in the final phase, security committee announced a nunber of security guidelines as part of the preparations. The security council also advised the general public to comply with the rules to avoid any potential risk.

Director of Traffic Awareness and Media Department, Lt. Col. Muhammad Radhi Al Hajiri focussed on the significance of mutual respect, evasion of dangerous approaches and non violation of people’s privacy.

Ft. Lt. Ahmad Thani al Musaifiri said on Lekhwia and traffic patrol part in establishing safety and precautionary measures amid the parades,  people should start as early as 6:00 O clock for their destinations. He added that their will be designated pick up points from where the public can avail transportation to the celebration area. Few of the pick up points are Masjid Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Tennis and Squash Complex, Arumeila Roundabout and Sheraton Hotel Park.

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He advised the general public to avoid putting head outside of window or vehicle’s roof, usage of mask, splashing foam on vehicles, setting flags on vehicles that conceals the number plates and blocking traffic on the streets.

He said that during the celebrations between 15th December till 21st December only the rear windshield of the vehicles is permitted to be done with the Emir’s picture or shaded with Qatari flag, vehicle colour completely is not allowed to be changed.

It is not allowed to drift, overloading and getting down the vehicle on the main road at any time.  Helpline number 999 is available at all the times.

To make the system more efficient and fast a new framework is setup to find out the callers location through the number on the lamp-post. That will help the traffic patrol reach the destination quickly.  These numbers will be a big help to individuals whose child goes missing amid thr celebrations.

Traffic patrols can be found on all streets and signals in the Corniche zone. In the evening Corniche will be open to public to showcase fireworks.

Two bus points are designated to ferry people towards the celebration area those are Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab Mosque and other one is Souq Waqif.