Qatar National Library is offering a series of Arabic creative writing workshops during August and September in collaboration with Radhi al-Hajri, founder of Zekreet Publishing and Distribution. The first session was held on Saturday in the Heritage Library Presentation Room.
The workshops aim to help Arabic authors of all genres use different creative writing techniques to craft exceptional stories. The programme also contributes to building a strong foundation for future projects that support local Arabic literature.
Under the guidance of experienced writers, participants will be revising and refining a creative project of their choice. The workshops are held every Saturday until September 7.
Ghida al-Gharab, who attended the first workshop, said: “Because I am a novelist, it is important for me to know how to build a novel, a story or even an article, how to create characters and their roles, and how to ask the questions that the novel would answer. The lecturer was very dynamic and offered a great deal of useful information, which he effectively conveyed in the workshop. I’m learning a lot from the Library’s many online resources, which are rich in valuable books and references.”
Another participant, Suhaila Abdulaziz, said: “As I love writing, the workshop was an excellent opportunity for me to develop and advance my writing skills. I regularly follow the library’s website to find out about and register for new events.”
Shaikh Haroon, another participant, said: “Considering myself a novice writer, I am very interested in writing and literature in general. I participated in the workshop to learn about new style techniques, avoid common writing mistakes, and benefit from the experiences of the workshop’s instructor. I always borrow books from the library, and I use many of the facilities offered at the Innovation Stations because I also love photography and design.”
More information about the library’s full programme of upcoming events can be had from