Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has sent a medical convoy to perform vital surgeries for Syrian refugees in Turkey.
This is part of QRCS’s annual medical convoy programme, carried out in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). In co-ordination with the Turkish government, the convoy will cover poor Syrian patients in Turkey, as well as some injuries from northern Syria, where secondary healthcare services are inadequate due to the war.
The five-day mission will cost a total of QR143,000, funded mainly from the donations of benevolent Qataris.
It is headed by Dr Abdullah Rashid al-Naimi, board member of QRCS, Urologist at HMC, and general supervisor of the medical convoy programme.
More than 132 patients have been examined using all the necessary radiography and physiological tests.
Based on the results of examinations, 13 urology, paediatric, and ENT surgeries have been performed.
Throughout the mission, it is estimated to perform 40 surgeries at Sevgi Hospital in Reyhanli Town, which hosts the surgeries and post-surgical medical care.
According to Dr al-Naimi, the surgeries have had a success rate of 100%.
Medical convoys is a strategic medical programme of QRCS that has recently been expanded, with several missions in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Jordan, Gaza, Turkey, just to name a few.
This reflects QRCS’s focus on this life-saving form of relief intervention, which has a direct and effective impact on the lives of the victims of disease, poverty and war.