Qatar University’s (QU) Al Bairaq programme, under the university’s Centre for Advanced Materials has announced the launch of the 17th cycle of its “I am a Researcher” track, coinciding with the start of the new academic year.
The track, which started on September 5 and is now on its 9th consecutive year, is designed for Qatari high school seniors and aims to engage and stimulate student curiosity about science.
A large number of senior students in various Qatari secondary schools participated in this year’s symposium. It helps transform high school students to researchers by working within a university environment, alongside experienced professors in the field of research.
Young researchers also benefit from the opportunity to experience and qualify through the undergraduate experience.
The track familiarises students to the broad fields of science and improves their knowledge in various scientific disciplines.
Consequently, students are aided in choosing appropriate university specialisations.
Through diligent work and a series of theoretical workshops, applied scientifically and practically, in a scientific environment, students are instilled with the fundamentals to perform scientific research.
This cycle accommodated students from four private and public schools: Al-Arqam Academy for Girls, Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Independent Secondary School for Boys, Al Maha Academy for Boys and Doha Independent Secondary School for Boys.
Al Bairaq programme president and head of communication and outreach at QU, Dr Noora Jabor al-Thani, told the event that research is of great importance in solving problems through the combination of knowledge, observations and data, leading to creative solutions and innovative products, which can help individuals, industries and countries to transform theories into practical applications.
Dr Noora expressed gratitude and praised Al Bairaq’s sponsors, Ras Laffan Industrial City Community Outreach Programme and Unesco Office in Doha and Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science.
Al Bairaq is the only Qatari educational programme which won the ‘Reimagine Education’ award for last three consecutive years.
Al Bairaq is the first and only educational programme in Qatar that won the WISE Innovation Award for Education in 2015.