Quarantine requirements have been extended for all arrivals in Qatar up to December 31, according to information available on the Discover Qatar website.
With this, quarantine packages have also been extended until the end of this year for those who require hotel quarantine.
“For all arrivals, including nationals, residents and visa holders, quarantine requirements are now extended up to 31 December 2020,” the website says. Quarantine packages were earlier extended until October 31.
QID holders need to obtain approval to enter the country by applying for an Exceptional Entry Permit through the Qatar Portal.
Once re-entry is approved, the applicant will receive a permit and can then book a self-funded quarantine hotel package, if travelling from a country not on the low-risk list or if the person is not eligible for home quarantine. QID holders returning to Qatar from one of the countries on the low-risk list will be required to self-isolate at home for a period of seven days.
“If you plan to travel from a low-risk country, you need to have been in that country for at least one week before you will be allowed to travel to Qatar and home quarantine. If you have not been in that country for one week, you will be considered to have travelled from a non-low-risk country and will be required to enter self-funded quarantine for seven days, followed by seven days’ self-isolation at home,” the website explains.
“If you cannot self-isolate from home, you can alternatively book a 14-night ‘Welcome Home’ quarantine package instead,” the website points out. “If your preference is to enter self-funded hotel quarantine instead of self-isolation at home, this is permitted.”
QID holders are advised not to book a quarantine package until the approval to return to Qatar has been confirmed.
Hotel quarantine packages have to be booked through the website of Discover Qatar, which is the destination management division of Qatar Airways. People are advised not to book a ‘Welcome Home Package’ until they have read all the relevant information on the website, have the approval to travel to Qatar and know what type of quarantine they will be required to complete.
“Once a booking is confirmed, amendments to quarantine hotel packages cannot be made. Once you have made your booking, it is non-refundable and the dates cannot be amended. The only exception to this condition is if your airline cancels your flight, in which case you will be eligible to amend the dates of your booking once only. Any new quarantine package booked will be subject to availability and the daily arrival limit. Any differential on the package prices will be payable,” the website further states.
The website also lists the exceptions to the self-funded seven-day quarantine rule, and these individuals are instead required to undertake seven days of mandatory home self-isolation.
The website says Qatari nationals who are unable to find availability for quarantine packages online can send an email to DQWelcomeHomeQatari@qatarairways.com.qa.
“Emails are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will endeavour to respond within 12 hours of receipt of the email request,” it adds.
Meanwhile, quarantine packages for domestic staff, company-sponsored and other workers have also been extended until December 31.
These package should only be booked for groups of employees, or by individuals if their Exceptional Entry Permit shows ‘Type of Quarantine : Mukaynis or Mekaines’.
The Ministry of Public Health has partnered with Mekaines Motel to prepare and furnish a quarantine facility to enable domestic staff, company-sponsored and other workers to return to Qatar, and complete a mandatory 14-night quarantine period. The sleeping arrangements are in male or female segregated accommodation.