Working towards Qatar National Vision 2030’s pursuit to create a sustainable future, Qatar’s Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) and the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD) have signed a co-operation agreement to launch a series of green initiatives in the sector of charitable activities.
The MoU, signed by RACA general manager Ibrahim bin Abdullah al-Dhaimi and GORD founding chairman Dr Yousef Alhorr recently, will provide a framework for the partnering entities to identify and collaborate on areas of mutual interest.
These areas will encompass an exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise to develop and implement sustainability standards across all foreign charitable projects overseen by RACA, according to a press statement.
The signing ceremony took place in the presence of top management, executives and scientific leaders from both parties.
As a sustainability partner, GORD will utilise its expertise within built environment to review projects submitted by charities to evaluate their performance in terms of design, construction management and operations against the established sustainability standards. GORD will also train staff members of RACA and affiliated charity organisations in skills linked with sustainable management and operations of their projects.
Moreover, RACA will benefit from GORD’s guidance and resources in drafting future regulations and standards supporting sustainability, the statement notes.
Speaking at the event, al-Dhaimi said: “We are proud of our co-operation with a leading research entity such as the Gulf Organisation for
Research & Development. This memorandum reflects our strong belief in the pivotal and effective role ministries and government bodies play in serving the country. We look forward to exchanging ideas and expertise to boost both parties’ performance in terms of the quality
standards set forth by jurisdictions under national laws. RACA assures GORD of its support in all areas of mutual interest, including management, research, technical and scientific development.”
Commenting on the joint venture, Dr Alhorr added: “We are delighted and proud of this co-operation with the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, which is a leading entity in the field of humanitarian and charitable work in Qatar and beyond. The collaboration will endorse GORD’s sustainability standards within built environment for RACA’s affiliated projects all over the world.
“This strategic co-operation represents a practical reflection of Qatar National Vision 2030, which has prioritised sustainable environment among its four key pillars. Humanitarian action is not limited to financial support. In fact, it is also about creating a sustainable built environment which is essential for the health and well-being of people and communities.”