“RECRUITMENT” – This is in real believed to be the foundation of every organization. To build a team or a company, the first and main thing required is Manpower which is achieved through Recruitment.

It simply means-the action of enlisting new people in the armed forces/ the action of finding new people to join an organization or support a cause/the increase in a natural population as progeny grow and immigrants arrive. It can be put into different ways as per defined by so many famous people back in time. But selecting the right profile and presenting to the team is something that a Recruiter needs to be appreciated for. The word Recruitment seems simple in understanding and looks like a simple process all together but is not. Its vast as the sea wherein we find no end.

There are different sorts of Recruitment- local, Domestic, International Recruiting. Plus we have different stages of Recruitment:

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Stages for Recruitment in Human Resources

There are several important stages that most organizations use when recruiting employees. The recruitment stages include:

  • Job analysis: The human resources representative needs to review and analyze what they need the new employee to do in the open position. From that analysis, the representative needs to build a job description, set minimum qualifications, and define a salary range.
  • Advertise the open position: The search begins for applicants through networking, advertising, or other search methods in order to find applicants who match the job requirements.
  • Sourcing: The profiles are sourced from different job sites like Naukri, Monster, Bayt and so on.
  • Screening applicants: Screening involves testing skills and/or personalities. It also includes the assessment of the applicant’s motivation and their fit with organizational requirements through the interview process.
  • Short listing: The candidates who are best after screening is shortlisted and presented to the management for further screening.
  • Scheduling: The Interviews for the best are scheduled with the technical panels and the ones qualified, are scheduled for the finals.
  • Salary Negotiation: The package as per the norms of the company and the candidates expectations are tried to be matched and then a commonly agreed number is fixed.
  • Other Detailed discussion – Both the parties discuss about the required documentation and a date of joining and finalize it lastly and get it closed.
  • Finalizing the job offer: The applicant is offered a job, which includes a compensation package. Once the candidate has accepted the offer, the organization helps with the introduction of the new employee.
  • Joining Formalities: Once the employee joins the induction takes place, documentation      (Contact) everything is completed.  The organization helps in opening a bank account the new joiner, provides the welcome kit and other facilities are taken care of.
  • Honeymoon Period– The first week for every employee in a new organization is easy as he /she spends their time getting mingled with the new colleagues and understands the work environment, meets people as a part of introduction , takes handover if any, starts working on projects one b one. Hence, its known to be the Honeymoon Period .