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Monitoring the weekly real estate report issued by the Research and Reports Department of Ezdan Real Estate Company under the auspices of Sak Partnerships Company. Buildings control most real estate transactions that were completed within a week, in terms of their total value, according to the real estate bulletin issued by the Ministry of Justice, where 61 deals were concluded for the sale of multiple buildings The figures, with a total value of approximately 339.6 million riyals, or 69.2% of the total value of sold real estate, while the space land recorded 49 sales deals with a total value of approximately 151 million riyals, and in terms of total real estate trading and the volume of sales that were recorded during the period from 18- October 22, 2020 AD, according to the weekly real estate bulletin, the Real Estate Registration Department at the Qatari Ministry of Justice documented 110 real estate sales with a total value of approximately 490.6 million riyals, and the operations were distributed among 8 municipalities:The municipality of Umm Salal, Al Khor, Al Thakhira, Doha, Al Rayyan, North, Shehaniya, Al Daayen and Al Wakra included vacant lands, residences, multi-use buildings, mixed-use space and residential buildings, and Al Rayyan municipality accounted for the highest deal in terms of value by selling a residential complex in Ain Khaled on an area of ​​40038 square meters, at a price Per square foot, it reached 281 Qatari riyals, with a total of more than 121 million Qatari riyals, while the municipality of Umm Salal witnessed the second highest deal in terms of value through the sale of a plot of space in the Jeryan wing area with an area of ​​7805 square meters, and the deal was completed at a price of one foot. To 288 Qatari riyals, to record a total of 24.2 million riyals, while the North Municipality witnessed the lowest real estate deal in terms of value for a space plot in Aba Al-Dhalouf on an area of ​​590 square meters, at a price of a square foot that did not exceed 126 riyals, and a total value of the deal recorded 800 thousand Qatari riyals.

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Al Wukair is one of the most important areas witnessing remarkable activity, and the Ezdan Oasis project is one of the most important Ezdan real estate projects in that area, which includes 347 residential buildings, and many of them contain commercial stores on the ground floor, providing 8769 housing units, and about 588 commercial units, all of which span an area One million square meters, and the project in the proposed stage provides fully furnished two-room apartments starting from 4,000 riyals a month, while the rent for the three-room apartment starts at 6,000 riyals per month, and the imposed one-room apartment rental starts from 3,500 riyals, and with regard to the rental outlets offered for leasing, the Oasis The commercial meter is offered at a rental value of up to 120 riyals for the annual two-year contract, provided that the tenant is given 15 months free of charge.