Eligibility of Permanent Residency Card and the rights entitled to the cardholder at a glance.

A press conference was held this morning by the Ministry of Interior on the permanent Residency Law No. 10 of 2018 and the procedures for granting the Permanent Residency Card. The conference is attended by Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Ateeq, Director General of Passports and Brigadier Salem Saqr Al Muraikhi, Director of Legal Affairs Department.

Brig. Al-Muraikhi said that Law was issued as an appreciation and honour for the expatriates who have spent long years in Qatar and it provides them certain rights and privileges. This initiative aims at the increase of investment and will attract more capital to the country leading to economic growth in the country. It also will ensure maximize services for the children of Qataris.

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Permanent Residency Card will be allowed for long-term residents in #Qatar (20 years if born outside and 10 years if born in the country) with enough income to meet his needs and of his dependents, should enjoy good conduct, and reputation and have adequate knowledge of the Arabic language.

Children of Qatari women married with non-Qataris as per the law, children of Qatari by naturalization, Non-Qatari husband of Qatari woman, Non-Qatari wife of Qatari man and individuals who have done great services to the country and those with special capabilities needed by the country are also eligible for permanent residency and they are exempted from the above condition of 10 and 20 years.


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