With pedestrian bridges coming up at some places in Doha, other neighbourhoods are calling for similar facilities in their areas as well. Recently, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) began the installation of a pedestrian bridge across the E-Ring Road between the Al Thumama signal and the Airport Street intersection. The is expected to be ready by mid-2017.

Due to the increase in the number of vehicles in the country, it has become increasingly difficult to cross the roads in a safe and timely manner, this has prompted many residents to demand that more pedestrian bridges be installed across the country.

People in areas such as D-Ring Road near the LuLu Hypermarket, Muntazah, Fereej Al Nasr, Al Sadd and Al Hilal have called on the authorities to take similar measures in these areas for the convenience of the pedestrians who have to commute along the C-Ring and D-Ring roads.

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Ashghal recently announced that it is planning to install as many as 160 pedestrian bridges in the country in the coming years as pedestrian safety is on their priority list.

Residents have stressed the need for pedestrian bridges particularly in areas, which house government offices, hospitals, clinics and shopping centres as a large number of people visit these places on a daily basis.

Construction of pedestrian bridges will not only make Qatari roads safer but also contribute to the decongestion of the roads to some extent.

Last year, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment had announced that some of the pedestrian bridges would be equipped with cash machines, toilets and even shops. Doing so will also generate employment in the country and contribute to the economy in a positive manner.