Residents seeking to apply for family visit visas can now do it online through the Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) website and Metrash2 service. This service was launched by the MoI on Tuesday.

The move comes as part of the MoI’s plan to boost e-services for the public.

Brigadier General Mohamed Ahmed al Ateeq, Director General of Passports, said the new service adds to the various e-services provided by the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Directorate of Passports.
He said this important step was aimed at changing the application of family visit visas from the paper system to the electronic system through the services of the MoI.

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He said the applicant can download all the required documents in the allocated boxes. The user can then track the status of requests and query and pay the fees electronically through the same application, he added.

Ateeq said applicant can apply through the Metrash2 service, choose the services of the MoI and submit requests for family visit electronically. The applicant can then fill the required data and then attach documents supporting the request to the system from any place.
He said in the event of any deficiencies in the documents or the attached picture is not clear, the applicant is immediately alerted to rectify the error.

He said this electronic service is for the purpose of providing family visit visas to expatriates, whether for father, mother, wife, children or relatives.

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