Residents seek help as power outage in Doha neighborhood enters 2nd day

Hundreds of people living in Fereej Abdul Aziz off of B-Ring Road have been rendered effectively homeless this week after a power outage hit a six-building residential complex late Sunday evening.

Without electricity and water, several people living in the complex – which houses families and laborers – have reportedly fallen ill due to the heat, and some have been taken to the hospital.

Speaking to Doha News this afternoon, Khalid Sher, a Pakistani expat and a member of the Qatar Armed Forces who has lived in the complex for the past five years, said that the issue stemmed from a short-circuited electricity panel.
He said power in one of the buildings in the complex got cut off late Sunday evening, and some of the affected tenants tried to fix the damage themselves.

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“They weren’t electricians, so I doubt they knew what they were doing. As they tried to fix it…I’m not sure what happened…but power supply to all of the other five buildings and some 10 to 12 shops on the other side, facing the main road, also got cut.”
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Chantelle D’mello