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The British University of Oxford has resumed its clinical trials of an anti-Coronavirus vaccine (Covid-19 /), after a hiatus of several days due to the illness of one of the volunteers participating in the experiments.

Today, the university said that the decision to resume the trials came after conducting a review of the trials by an independent committee and the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority, and subsequently considered that the situation is safe to continue the trials.

The company / AstraZeneca / Pharmaceutical Industries, which is developing the vaccine in cooperation with the university, announced last Tuesday that the trials had been temporarily stopped to investigate whether the reported side effect was related to the vaccine.

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The Oxford University vaccine is among the most promising vaccines that the world expects to reach the stage of manufacturing in an effort to reduce infection with the Coronavirus.

The company / AstraZeneca / said it is still hoping that the vaccine will be available “by the end of this year or early next year.”

The potential “AstraZeneca” vaccine is one of nine vaccines around the world currently entering the late third phase of clinical trials.