City Centre Rotana Doha opens “Misk” Restaurant

Doha, Qatar; May 2016 (WQ): To create an unforgettable experience for its guests, City Centre Rotana Doha has opened “Misk” Restaurant, where the true essence of Lebanese cuisine is captured in an à la carte menu.

“Misk” is a wonderful addition to our hotel. Its uniqueness thrives in its menu, design and the Lebanese ambience. “Misk” complements our upscale services and vision to make City Centre Rotana Doha, the go-to destination at both local as well as regional levels,” said Joseph Coubat, General Manager of City Centre Rotana Doha.

Coubat added, “Through “Misk”, we are aiming to provide an innovative and traditional cuisine for the first time in Qatar amid an authentic Lebanese atmosphere. We will have on offer diversified dishes, including the Lebanese appetizer (Maza), which is considered an essential part of the Lebanese cuisine and its heritage.”

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“Misk” provides a wide range of innovative-traditional Lebanese cuisine along with cold appetisers, such as: Hummus with Ras Asfour meat and pine nuts, Hummus with sausage & pistachio, Hummus with Al Quaorma, Hummus Beiruti, Hummus Trabelsi, Raheb Salad, Baba Ganoush and Lebanese Eggplant Moussaka.

Furthermore, the menu includes Green Kishk, Shanklish, Basturma(Pastirma), Batarekh (Roe),  Warak Enab (Grape Leaves), Muhammara, Labneh with garlic, Hindbeh (Dandelions) with olive oil, Lubia with olive oil, Siliq Stems in Tahina, Green beans with coriander, Fattoush Al Ashrafieh, Jabalia Salad, Kibbeh Nayyeh and Kafta Nayyeh.

The restaurant also offers a rich selection of hot appetisers including Shrimp with coriander, Fried Samak Bizri, Kibbeh Beirutia, Hot Kibbeh Zghartaweya with walnuts, Kibbeh Zghartaweya with fat and onions, Sausage and octopus in vinegar and lemon.

Besides having a vast number of appetisers on the menu, “Misk” also serves the finest Lebanese grilled platters such as Shiqaf, TaoukGrilled Chicken, Chicken Misahab, Arayes Lahmeh(Meat), Arayes Kafta, Kafta with Yogurt and Kafta Istanbouliand Kafta with Tahina.

“There are many food enthusiasts who are eager to enjoy our unique and traditional dishes. At “Misk”, we are inspired by nostalgic home cooking from the priceless and authentic Oriental kitchen” Mr Coubat concluded.

“Misk” restaurant will welcome all guests and visitors over dinner from Sunday to Friday from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm and for lunch on Fridays from 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm. They will also be able to enjoy live Arabic music “Tarab” every Thursday and Friday nights with friends and family.