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Today, a Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted a US strategic reconnaissance aircraft, “RS-135”, over the Black Sea.

In a statement broadcast by Sputnik, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the means of controlling the airspace over the Black Sea had detected a flying target approaching the Russian border.

“To determine the air target and prevent violation of the borders of the Russian state, a (Su-27) fighter plane belonging to the air defense forces flew in the southern military region to intercept and remove it from the borders,” the statement added.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense indicated, in its statement, that the Russian fighter approached the target to a safe distance to identify it, as it was found that it was an American strategic reconnaissance aircraft “RS-135” of the US Air Force.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announces from time to time that its fighter jets, foreign reconnaissance aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles have been intercepted approaching its borders, and it also confirms that the overflight operations are conducted entirely in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace.