The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has stressed that all necessary precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and welfare of children during the school registration assessment for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Given the Covid-19 pandemic, all new students are required to be screened and issued an electronic health certificate by the health centres (HCs) before joining school for the next academic year.
A dedicated team of doctors and administrators at PHCC evaluated the risks and extent of exposure before developing a robust procedure for the pre-school registration screening.
As the key focus was on limiting exposure, the screening can now be done in a single visit. Other measures include pre-booked appointments to limit the number of students visiting the health centres, PHCC has said in a statement.

Dental clinic at West Bay HC reopens Wednesday

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has announced that the dental clinic at the West Bay Health Centre (HC) will reopen Wednesday.
All appointments, accordingly, will be redirected to the West Bay HC “as they were before the closure”, the PHCC said in a notification on social media Tuesday.

Parents are requested to dial ‘107’ and choose the Student’s Medical Assessment option to make an appointment for school assessments. A dedicated team at PHCC will then electronically book all the necessary appointments for the student, for both dental and family medicine clinics. Parents need to accompany their children and be present an hour before the appointment, bringing with them all necessary documents, including ID cards, valid health cards, vaccination cards and birth certificates.
An early visit is recommended to take care of matters such as registration at the reception, the nursing assessment, laboratory tests and the social worker assessment. Thereafter, the child will undergo a dental and family physician check-up as per the scheduled appointment. The health certificate is issued once the assessments and examinations are done and laboratory test results are verified. Parents can collect their child’s e-file at the reception before leaving the health centre.
Students registered in the PHCC Covid-19 Test and Hold designated health centres will be transferred to the following alternative HCs for their medical assessment:

* Those registered in the Muaither HC will be directed to the Al Wajba HC or Al Waab HC
* Those registered in the Rawdat Al Khail HC will be directed to either the Al Thumama HC, Omar Bin Al Khattab HC or Airport HC
* Those registered in the Umm Slal HC will be directed to either the Qatar University HC or Al Daayen HC
* Those registered in the Gharrafat Al Rayyan HC will be directed either to the Leabaib HC or Madinat Khalifa HC
“Our qualified teams have been trained to receive students and parents and to facilitate all required procedures at our health centres. We request that parents abide by all precautionary measures established by the State for their safety and for the safety of our children, which is a national, civic and moral responsibility,” the statement adds.