Saudi hiker Nasser Jarallah Al Qahtani arrived in Qatar from Saudi Arabia as part of his walking tour of the capitals of GCC nations. The unique endeavour aims to unite the citizens of the countries and promote sports culture among the people. The tour on foot to Qatar began at Abu Samrah and ended at Souq Waqif. The sixty-day GCC tour was flagged off at Al Khafji in Saudi Arabia. He visited Kuwait and Bahrain, prior to visiting Qatar, covering a distance of 310 km on foot.
He was received in Qatar by officials from Qatar Sports Federation representing the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
“The tour hopes to sent out a message on Sports Awareness and aims to propagate a walking culture in the Gulf communities. The walk also hopes to take its message further ahead and make an impact on future generations emphasising the unity of people in the gulf region,” Al Qahtani said. He will continue on to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, going further on to Muscat. The tour will conclude at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the GCC in Riyadh.