SC to Launch ‘Generation Amazing’ Project for Workers

SC to Launch 'Generation Amazing' Project for Workers

SC to Launch ‘Generation Amazing’ Project for Workers in October

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s (SC) flagship CSR program, Generation Amazing, is set to launch in October, with the aim of upgrading the social and communication skills including leadership and confidence among construction workers in Qatar.

It evoked a great response in the opening week in May, with many onlookers wanting to enroll as participants and it is expected to be hugely popular among construction workers as the findings of a recent pilot have revealed.

In excess of 180 feedback forms were completed by the 356 participants of the pilot which ended in late June, with nearly 90 percent of the respondents saying they will return for the official roll-out of the local project.

“During our opening week at Labor City, we had a substantial audience with many wanting their names to be added to the pilot program,” SC’s Football for Development coach Michael Richardson told SC’s website.

The local project manager of Generation Amazing, Noor Al Athirah, said: “The pilot was successful for a variety of reasons, yet most importantly, it confirmed that the modules are well sought by our target groups.

This paves the way for the official roll-out of the local project, which will touch the lives of many more students and workers in Qatar. The pilot also highlighted the areas where more work is required to achieve the expected outcomes, which is now in progress.” In parallel, Generation Amazing held a pilot for the local schools project for more than 400 schoolchildren.

It drew similar responses with nearly 70 percent of participants wanting to continue their involvement in the roll-out of the local project. The children’s pilot, staged at Newton International School, was intended to instill the spirit of inclusivity and multi-culturalism in the target group as well as foster a healthy lifestyle.

Generation Amazing is the SC’s flagship CSR program that uses the opportunity of Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the power of football as a catalyst for social change to educate and empower the next generation in Qatar and across the world.

The program has been operational in Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, and is scheduled for launch this October, following the conclusion of the pilot in June.