The second-hand market of smartphones, tablets and laptops are facing a hard time with the increasing fears for the theft of personal data among the Qatari citizens.

According to reports, many people are apprehensive to sell their smartphones, fearing that their personal data might be traced and used in illegal activities.

The Qatar Tribune reports a manager of a second-hand mobile shop, Subair Ahmed, who noted that safety of personal data is a big concern for a large number of customers from Asian countries.

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He stated that people fear that technicians would recover their data and misuse them.  Moreover, a social worker, Karim Ahmed, stated that phones these days have become a symbol of social status for those belonging to the middle class. This has further increased the issues related to personal data that seep out from mobile phones.

He explained that in the process of selling one’s phone, he/she is giving many of the sensitive information to a complete stranger. Therefore, it is imperative that all data in the phone is deleted before it is sold.