Training sessions, physical exercises, learning and entertainment programmes yesterday marked the formal start of the second edition of summer camp for students by the Police College.
Dubbed “Tomorrow’s Officers”, the two-week-long programme is aimed at helping students develop self-discipline as well as a new approach to daily and social life.
“The programme is being held as part of efforts made to help the young generation learn the values of the country, groom them as ideal citizens, and make them aware of their duties to the nation and the services provided by the Qatar government,” said Major Fahad Saeed al-Subaey, director of the Training Department at the Police College.
A total of 2,000 students, aged 9-11 years and selected from across the country, are taking part in the programme.
Divided into different groups, the students are being given training in self-defence, martial arts, swimming, horse racing, and shooting.
“The participants follow certain schedules, and they are going through the routines of police and military personnel.
“In fact, they have their breakfast the way police officers or military personnel do.
“Our officials are available here to teach them and guide them through every phase of training and the facilities here are open to every participant,” he explained.
He said sports activities and military training are part of the programme.
Camp participants are instructed to wear a special military uniform during the camp.
Sports and physical exercises help them gain self-confidence while special training and learning sessions enable the students to acquire behavioural and leadership qualities and educational skills, it was stressed.
In addition, the summer camp participants are provided with training in policing and military skills.
“Indeed, the programme is helpful. It provides them with a good opportunity to spend their summer holidays in the best way possible.
“The sessions here will be helpful for them to grow as ideal citizens with a commitment to the society and country,” al-Subaey said, adding that they have special sessions to make the students familiar with government services. “We hope the sessions will help them be mentally and physically fit.”
Some 50 outstanding students from the camp will be selected for field shows during the Police College graduation.