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 September 30, deadline for companies to register on the “tax” portal

The General Tax Authority announced that September 30, 2020, is the deadline for companies to register on the “tax” portal, in line with the new regulations, noting that the registered taxpayers will be exempt from the financial penalties related to not registering in the old system and not issuing a tax card.

The electronic portal “Tax” aims to provide the best services and make them available in an effective and easy way for many entities, as it links the General Tax Authority with taxpayers and its partners from the relevant government agencies, and manages the different types of taxes, calculates and reviews them. It also helps taxpayers know the procedures for their transactions electronically according to It contributes to achieving better results in general for the country, noting that registering on the electronic tax portal will save the corporate taxpayers time and effort to benefit from the services of the authority, perhaps the most important of which are: issuing a tax card and appointing a representative of the taxpayer.

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Taxpayers can register through the tax portal website. If you have questions or to request assistance, please contact the General Tax Authority at or call 16565.