The renowned Shenzhen Art Troupe from China treated the audience to an evening full of joy through their dazzling performance at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) yesterday.
The troupe was brought to Doha in collaboration with the Chinese embassy as part of the museum’s innovative intercultural programme, ‘Meet Our Community’, which is dedicated to engaging Qatar’s diverse communities through cultural and artistic exchange.
The performance marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and was attended by Chinese ambassador to Qatar Zhou Jian and other VIP guests.
On the occasion, Jian stressed that China boasts of an amazing cultural heritage and the 70th anniversary is a good opportunity to share the joy of the occasion with the people — especially as there are many Chinese expatriates in Qatar working in different fields to realise their dreams and simultaneously contributing to the development of Qatar.
“The Chinese people living here will never forget their motherland and have been eager to be part of the special occasion. With this, we share with them the joy of the event alongside their Qatari friends and members of other communities,” the ambassador said, adding that many Chinese expatriates in Qatar evinced keen interest to attend the performance.
The envoy noted that there would be more cultural exchanges between Qatar and China in the future.
“Many artistes would come to show the richness of the Chinese culture to the audience in Qatar, and we are also planning to ask artistes from Qatar to come and perform in China.
Such arts and culture shows are messages of love and peace for people from different countries, and China has a long history of artistic and cultural achievements to share with the world,” he added. Comprising the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, the Daweiwu Arts Troupe in Longgang District of Shenzhen and an array of performing artists from across China, Shenzhen Art Troupe is a professional performing group with great expertise and artistic originality.
The show included a magic show by Xin Yafei, a pipa (traditional Chinese musical instrument) solo by Li Ge, an accordion solo by Tan Jialiang, acrobatics by Gao Weixing and Li Jing, a tenor Solo by Calaf, and a duet by Ma Teng and Tian Siyingand.
The audience, both Chinese expatriates and members of other communities, lauded the performance and expressed their joy and delight at having the opportunity to attend such an event. ‘Meet Our Community’ offers NMoQ visitors the opportunity to meet the members of various communities living in the country and discover more about their heritage and culture, enjoy their food, listen to their music and enjoy their company, a museum official said.