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Mr. Sherif Sabry, Regional General Manager of the iconic Al Shula Hotel and Azizia Boutique Hotel, said that the Doha Tourism Market enjoys a set of operational data that support its successes and enhance its position on the map of the global tourism industry, indicating that the National Tourism Council makes an active contribution through its integrated national strategy in establishing modern concepts of components The local tourism industry and its marketing in all international forums, adding in an interview with “Al Sharq”The local hotel sector is one of the sectors that mainly support the tourism industry by establishing modern service pillars and frameworks derived from the latest developments and the latest developments related to the international hospitality industry, indicating that the local hotel sector is one of the most vital and dynamic sectors of tourism components, and through its well-known services it has gained a series of Awards and appreciation certificates from international bodies and institutions related to evaluating the performance of the global hotel sector, indicating in this context that the iconic Al Shula and Al Azizia Boutique Hotel is one of the local hotel system that contributes to promoting the process of superiority of the components of the local hospitality industry by bringing them to the ground with standards of a non-service philosophy Preceded.


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Most notable awards

Sherif Sabry said, “According to its services and its strategic location close to vital commercial centers and close to Aspetar – Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital – Doha, the iconic Al Shoula Hotel has won many awards, the most prominent of which is being awarded for the best view in the Middle East, as well as for the best conference rooms in the East. In the Middle East, the tea garden on the 21st floor also won the award for the best view and the best decoration in Qatar, adding that the hotel also won the award for the best hospitality services in the Middle East, explaining that the hotel’s obtaining these multiple awards constitutes an incentive and a new impetus for further improvement of service and innovation of services Others are more sophisticated and innovative in their implementation in line with the hotel’s evolving operational strategy and in line with the great development of the hospitality industry components.

Recreational items

He explained in this context that the Shuala and Al Azizia Boutique Hotels are working to sterilize its facilities on a daily basis, as well as conduct frequent thorough cleaning and use of disinfectants in all rooms, air-conditioning systems, equipment, tanks and toilets, in addition to ensuring intensive sterilization of the areas where meeting and communication with Guests, especially the reception halls and other common areas, avoid using the elevator by multiple people at the same time, as only a maximum of 30% of its capacity is allowed. The two hotels are also required to use phone applications or other modern technologies to complete the arrival and departure procedures without contact, and to maintain a safe distance between individuals, which is not less than 2 meters. In addition to thermal examination for employees and guests.

Skills Development

Sherif Sabry said that the Shuala and Azizia boutique hotels are among the hotels that have established an integrated system for developing the skills of workers, explaining in this context that the professionalism and competence of the employees are among the basics of the hotel work, which gives the actual value to the nature of the services provided to customers, noting that the two hotels give training and upgrade the capabilities and capabilities of the professional employees Of great importance in order to keep pace with the unprecedented development of the hospitality industry in Mahalla, explaining in this context that the two hotels are organizing periodically and through a series of experts and specialists a number of integrated training sessions that include introducing modern marketing and promotion mechanisms in addition to introducing the latest developments and the latest service developments related to the components of the hospitality industry In addition to informing them of the methods of providing services with more modern mechanisms and in a manner consistent with health standards and in line with the operational strategy of the two hotels, supports internal tourism options, creates distinct and qualitative residence experiences, and enhances the square of the two hotelsOn the throne of the local hospitality industry.

Sherif Sabry said: The occupancy rate of the Shuala and Al Azizia Boutique Hotels this year has reached 75%, indicating that the lack of domestic tourism travel abroad during the current summer season has greatly contributed to the influx of domestic tourism to hotels of various categories and classifications to enjoy the data of their entertainment facilities, especially with the commitment of all Hospitality institutions with precautionary and preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Public Health in integrated and strategic coordination with the National Tourism Council.

Sherif Sabry said: Tourism-related institutions contribute an important role in marketing the components of the local tourism industry in global markets, which made Doha at the top of the global tourist agenda and the most prominent destination that he visits annually, explaining in this context that Qatar Airways plays an active and major role in promoting components Tourism and an important and strategic supporter of the promotional initiatives of the National Tourism Council aimed at the acquisition of a large share of tourists by Doha, pointing out that the local hotel sector, which has become famous for the quality of its services data, has achieved great rates of benefit from the promotional efforts undertaken by the National Tourism Board and Qatar Airways, stressing that the hotel industry The local, which has many international brands, has been able, through the quality of its services, to be on the throne of the global hospitality industry and to impose itself at the forefront of the international hotel sector undisputedly.




World fairs

Sherif Sabry said: The Shuala and Azizia Boutique Hotels participate in all international exhibitions and promotional forums with the aim of marketing the State of Qatar as a global tourist destination that has its contributions in promoting the march of the global tourism industry through a distinguished product for which it received a number of international decorations and awards in addition to promoting the components of the two hotels’ service. They are known for their quality, as well as meeting with representatives of international companies to supply the local market with a large number of tourists from different and various international markets, in addition to seeing the latest markets, new services, as well as meeting experts and specialists in the field of tourism to introduce them to the role of the two hotels and their ability to provide excellent hosting for global tourism describing the hospitality industry The local sector is one of the distinguished industries that provide high-quality tourism experiences and support the tourism sector with its components through the establishment of advanced service concepts consistent with the global developments concerned with the hotel sector.