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The Shura Council held its regular session today in its forty-eighth session, under the social separation system, headed by His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, Speaker of the Council.

During the session, the Council discussed the supplementary report of the joint committee formed by the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee and the Committee for Cultural Affairs and Information, on a draft law regulating the press, publications, publishing, media activities, and the arts.

The draft law includes (74) articles distributed in (12) chapters and includes provisions related to the regulation of the press, media, printing press, publishing houses, circulation and distribution of publications, cinemas and theaters, artistic production, private broadcasting stations, advertising and public relations activities, public relations and media services offices.

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After extensive discussions of the report, the council recommended the amendment of five articles of the aforementioned draft law and decided to approve it as amended and refer the council’s recommendations thereon to the esteemed government.