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Dr. Enas Al-Kuwari, Head of the Medical Laboratories Department at HMC, revealed that the “antigen test” for “Covid 19” has been approved soon in Qatar, which shows the result within ten minutes.

Al-Kuwari said – in an interview with the “Social Distance” program on Qatar TV this evening, Monday – that there are several different tests to diagnose infection with the Coronavirus, namely: First, there is a “BCR” examination, which is the most accurate and is by taking a swab from the mouth and throat, and secondly. Third: There is an antibody test, which is by taking a blood sample. Third, there is a test to detect “antigens”, which is a quick examination by means of a swab from the nose and then inserted into the test card and the result appears within 10 minutes.

Antigen examination 
Al-Kuwari, Head of the Medical Laboratories Department at HMC, explained that the antigen test is an examination for cases associated with symptoms of high temperature, coughing, etc. Manual rapid antigen examination There is an automatic antigen examination using special devices.

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The head of the medical laboratories department at HMC said, “Currently, we have started the experimental phase by using these devices in cooperation with some vital departments in the organization, as these devices will be available in the areas where patients are present without the need to transfer the sample to the laboratory as it will provide a quick result that will lead to obtaining the required health care as soon as possible.” And the best quality.

Al-Kuwari revealed that the manual antigen examination has been evaluated and approved, which will soon be available in Qatar, provided that it is used by specialized health care providers, following medical instructions and protocols for use in cases associated with or similar to symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus.