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The Government Communication Office confirmed in a statement today that the measures taken urgently “with some travelers” present, at the time of the discovery of the incident of finding an unidentified newborn child inside Hamad International Airport, were aimed at preventing the perpetrators and those involved in them from escaping and leaving the country .

The statement expressed its regret at any harassment or unintended infringement of the personal freedom of any traveler that may have occurred during the conduct of these procedures.

The statement indicated that on the second of this October, a newborn girl was found inside a tied plastic bag that was placed under the garbage in a trash bin at Hamad International Airport .. The child’s life was saved from what appeared to be an attempt to kill her, as medical care was provided to her here in Doha, which is now in good health.

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The statement indicated that this incident is the first of its kind at Hamad International Airport, in which a newborn girl is thrown, in this extremely dangerous state of health, to get rid of her .. This horrific and lawless incident, which threatened the life of an innocent child, necessitated the immediate initiation of research. Spaces at the airport to get to know her relatives from among the travelers, including those traveling on flights that left from the gates in the area where the child was found.

In this context, His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has directed a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the circumstances of the incident, and the results of the investigation will be shared with partners, and the State of Qatar will remain keen on the safety, security and comfort of all travelers passing through its territory.