Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu yesterday called on government agencies, civil societies and NGOs to step up the fight against human trafficking by co-ordinating their efforts.
He said that the war against human trafficking must continue until the last victim was rescued and rehabilitated and the last perpetrator was brought to justice.
In his address at an event to release the training manual on ‘home management for homes’ meant for sex trafficked victims brought out by NGO Prajwala, the vice president said human trafficking was much more than just a social evil and was a violent crime against humanity itself.
He suggested translating the training manual into local languages for a better understanding by the public.
“It is a menace that violates all the basic tenets of human rights, justice, dignity and is often referred to as modern-day slavery,” he added.
He noted that that the fundamental rights that form the bedrock of the constitution guarantee the undeniable right to freedom and the inalienable right against exploitation and all forms of forced labour, child labour and trafficking to each and every citizen.
Every citizen of this country has the right to secure and dignified life, the vice president said, adding that the constitution places the sacred duty upon each and every citizen to work hard to eradicate human trafficking.
“The entire society must unite for this cause. We must do our best to spread awareness about the nature of this crime and the need to focus on rescue and rehabilitation of survivors,” he added.
Naidu also called for encouraging people to help and support the survivors of human trafficking to lead normal lives and rejoin mainstream society.
Observing that understanding the impact of trafficking on the survivors was of utmost relevance for all stakeholders providing multiple services to the survivors, he said they all must strive to create an enabling and supportive eco-system for survivors to heal and lead normal lives and for providing avenues for education, training, and employment.
“Special care must be taken in the case of child survivors, for the shock and trauma undergone by them would be immense. They would require a higher degree of care to make a full recovery,” Naidu said.
The vice president also announced donating a month’s salary to Prajwala that has been taking care of victims of human trafficking.
Earlier, he inaugurated an exhibition on human trafficking.
Minister of State for Women and Child Development Debashree Chaudhuri, Prajwala founder Dr Sunitha Krishnan and others were present.