Qatar plan to issue sticker-free RP for expatriates

The Ministry of Interior is expected to begin issuing sticker-free residency permits (RPs) to expatriate workers and their family members starting June 15.

No stickers will be stamped on the passports of expatriate workers and their dependents staying with them if they are issued RP or their RP is being renewed.

A pilot project launched by the ministry awhile ago on an experimental basis to assess the feasibility of the new system has turned out to be successful.

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Following the project, authorities have given their nod for the issuance and renewal of sticker-free RPs to expatriates and their families.

The new RP issuance and renewal system is expected to be implemented “within days”, Al Sharq reported yesterday, quoting sources.

The RP section of the expatriate affairs unit at the Immigration Department issues some 7,500 RPs daily, including an estimated 5,000 renewed ones.
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Source News: Qatar Living