KUWAIT CITY, Nov 18: Former MP Jamal Al-Omar who is contesting the polls from the Third Constituency has emphasized that the participation of the Kuwaiti women in Kuwait’s politics is vital because there are what he called ‘forces of darkness’ who are attempting to sideline women although they make half the Kuwait’s population and is a force to be reckoned with in Kuwait’s democratic process.

Addressing a women’s seminar in Adailiya Al-Omar stressed on the need for Kuwaiti women’s participation in this process. He added, Kuwaiti women outnumber men, particularly the educated women. He recalled how he worked during his tenure in Parliament to allow Kuwaiti women to cast their ballot and contest elections “but unfortunately there are still dark minds out there in this country who believe a woman’s role is minimal. We are still fighting a battle and will continue to do so until women obtain all their rights,” he added.

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Al-Omar also called on the government to stop employing expatriates because there are 20,000 Kuwaitis registered with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) but expatriates continue to be employed in contradiction with the development and economic reform document which prevents Kuwaitis from playing their social and national role.

Speaking on the issue of hike in prices, Al-Omar stressed the rise in prices of essential commodities reflects on family savings.

He wondered if it is logical for the government to take such decisions in the name of corrective measures because it is a burden on Kuwaitis. He called on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance to make Kuwaitis a priority when it comes to appointments and because there are Kuwaitis with the same specializations as the non-Kuwaitis. He has vowed to take this fight to the National Assembly if the government fails in this regard.

Yaqoub Al-Sane, former minister and candidate contesting elections from the Third Constituency has called on the voters to evaluate MPs within the parliamentary committees, not through the regular meetings. He called the parliamentary committees ‘real kitchen of parliamentary work’. Addressing those attending the opening of his headquarters in his constituency, Al-Sane talked about his efforts and achievements when he was minister. He pointed to the Dow Chemical case which he called a significant plot against Kuwait.

In this context he referred to the abuses and said the issue of the Al-Zour Power Station has remained unsolved over the years. He called the Al-Zour issue a ‘Theft of the Era,’ then came the Dow Chemical case and the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company case and stressed on the need to confront corruption in most State institutions, including the Public Institute for Social Security.

The Fifth Constituency candidate, Jaber Saad Al-Muhailbi, said the economic conditions in the region are insecure. They endanger the financial situation of the Gulf region, so the next Parliament must rise to the occasion to respond to economic challenges facing Kuwait and the region. Speaking during the opening of his election headquarters in Al-Sabahiya he spoke on ‘The future generation and country’. Al-Muhailbi said the economic reform document which was passed by the government recently needed legal and legislative review. “But what happened was different from reality because the law was passed without the consent of the National Assembly. He pointed out, for example the electricity item contained in the reform document was passed during the first deliberation without taking into consideration the private accommodations. He expects this item to be discussed in detail during the term of the next Parliament to include private houses which put a considerable strain on the citizens who are suffering because of the hike in prices.