The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has invited students in public and private schools, their parents and the school community as incubators for student talent, to participate in the 2019 World Athletics Championships, hosted in Qatar from September 27 until October 6, daily from 4pm-10pm to give momentum for its success.
The call for student participation in this international sporting event hosted by Qatar is part of the ministry’s interest in sports as an important educational tool, and co-operation with the Qatar Olympic Committee and the Qatar Athletics Federation to ensure the success of this important world championship.
The ministry has used the period of this world championship to raise awareness of athletics and its various competitions in the subject of physical education.
Falah the Falcon, the official mascot of the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019, visited several state schools during the last period, where students know about it and took photos with it.
The Ministry of Education explained that 10 different schools will participate on a daily basis in the 2019 Qatar World Athletics Championships, which is hosted for the first time in the Middle East and is the third-largest event after the Olympic Games and the World Cup, paving the way for the successful hosting of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar .
The ministry made sure of the completion of the preparations, the safety procedures and the appointment of supervisors to ensure the safety of transferring students from their schools to Khalifa International Stadium, which is equipped with a modern cooling system throughout the days of the tournament.
It pointing out that the best five schools will be honoured in terms of attendance, organisation, and participation.