The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management announced that it was decided to start the second phase of the gradual opening in its planned history on July 1, based on public health data and indicators of the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in society, including skipping the peak stage, low curve and weak reproductive number of the virus.
The committee stated, in a statement today, that the second stage will include continuing the limited opening of mosques to perform the five assumptions with limited capacity with the application of precautionary measures, and allowing public and private gatherings with a maximum of five people only, and the relevant violations and penalties will be applied to violators. The number has been reduced from ten to five, after many cases were discovered among citizens due to gatherings in councils, family visits, and white collar residents as well due to uncontrolled mixing with precautionary measures.
The statement indicated that it would allow raising the capacity of employees who start their work in the public and private sectors to 50% as needed while requiring all these authorities to provide health requirements and apply precautionary measures, and to protect unvaccinated groups by allowing them to continue to work remotely .. and to allow the rental of ships and yachts For families with a maximum of ten people, opening all parks, beaches, and corniche for all age groups with the application of spacing procedures and the continued closure of playgrounds, and allowing training in open spaces and large halls for the professional category with a maximum of ten people.
The second stage also includes increasing the capacity of private clinics to 60% while continuing to provide emergency services, and a limited opening of restaurants with limited capacity and a clarification statement will be issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in addition to opening libraries and museums with a limited capacity and specific hours.
In its statement, the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management reminded that the transition from one stage to another of the stages of gradual opening depends on everyone’s cooperation and their application of precautionary measures, and the necessity to adhere to the procedures in place set by the Council of Ministers, including wearing masks at the exit and downloading application/precaution / social separation.