The third edition of the Honey Exhibition concluded on Saturday at Souq Waqif. The 10-day exhibition was organised by the Private Engineering Office (PEO) in co-operation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and with the participation of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.
More than 150 companies specialised in honey and its products from 37 countries from different continents of the world participated in the exhibition this year, with an increase in the number of companies reaching 25% compared to the second edition of last year.
The annual exhibition aims to encourage the national product, support local merchants, enhance the trading of honey in the country, showcase honey’s various types, open new communication channels for merchants, entrepreneurs and investors, and support small and medium enterprises working in this field.
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), general supervisor of the exhibition Khaled Saif al-Suwaidi said that the number of visitors to the 2020 exhibition is estimated at tens of thousands of citizens, residents, and expatriates, while the quantity of honey sold exceeded 40 tonnes, with an increase of about 3 tonnes over the previous year.
He added that the exhibition included more than 50 types of honey coming from different continents of the world, in addition to local honey, which has proven quality and competitiveness in such local exhibitions.
Al-Suwaidi said that several foreign companies expressed interest in offering their products of honey and its derivatives in the domestic market.
He added that many companies, including Omani companies, expressed their desire to import local honey.
He pointed out that all participating companies this year praised the success of the exhibition and confirmed their desire to participate in the next versions.
“We promise everyone from companies and the public that the next version will be more distinguished and diversified to meet the needs of consumers and producing companies, especially Qatari companies and farms,” he said.
About 80 Qatari farms and companies importing honey participated in the 2020 exhibition.
The exhibition, which is the largest market specialised in honey, provides a unique opportunity for merchants, entrepreneurs, and owners of small and medium enterprises to display their honey products and related industries to the public in one place.
This provides the opportunity for the consumer to get to know the various types of local, Arab, and international honey.