, an online AI digital telemedicine platform, has said it is “promoting safety and security for Qatar” by launching the WeCare Campaign.
The campaign aims to give free virtual consultations to Qatar’s citizens and residents during Covid-19.
“It is important to keep the people of Qatar and its clinicians as safe as possible during this pandemic. The campaign helps answer the most critical medical questions by local clinical experts with over 10 years of experience in their field. People are using the service for consultations, routine check-ups, non-urgent care, chronic diseases follow-up and any pressing medical concerns they have,” Tabib Online has said in a statement.
The WeCare campaign will help answer questions of the public on medical concerns they have. “I contacted the clinician over video to see my rash that just came out. I am happy I didn’t need to go to a clinic or a hospital because I am afraid of the coronavirus. I didn’t need to download anything. The doctor answered my questions quite fast while I was at home,” said one of the users of the platform.
“We made the platform free and accessible for both clinicians and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic to give back to the people of Qatar. It is simple, secure and a one-stop platform for telemedicine. No downloads are needed and most importantly, it’s video and audio conferencing are HIPAA-compliant. Health should be accessible for all,” said Dr Doaa Farid, co-founder of
To access the campaign and contact the doctors, visit