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Two years and the biggest sporting events in the world are launched, for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab region, the Qatar World Cup 2022, which the fans of the world are waiting for with great eagerness, especially as it carries all the exceptional and unprecedented details in the organization of the World Cup, as well as it carries new features as it is organized for the first time in the Arab region.

Al-Sharq polled the views of a number of journalists and media professionals from various countries of the world, confirming that they are following up well all the preparatory steps that Qatar is taking in preparation for the World Cup, confirming that it has been ahead of time and everything will be ready to host the 2022 World Cup well in advance, as they unanimously agreed that Qatar Able to dazzle the world with an exceptional World Cup, according to the tournaments it has hosted and is still hosting before the start of the World Cup.

Ibrahim Al-Heshal: We are proud of Qatar

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Ibrahim Al-Heshal, the Kuwaiti media and commentator, confirmed that the State of Qatar is worthy of hosting the 2022 World Cup due to the planning, arrangement and great work submitted by officials in Qatar for nearly 15 or 20 years and the plan that was developed for the World Cup, and everyone witnessed the opening of the World Cup stadiums that were designed according to the laws of the International Federation for Football. The foot.

He added, “Qatar’s success in organizing world championships is not surprising to the sister country, especially as it has succeeded in dazzling the world through several tournaments such as the 2006 ASIAD Championship, the Asian Nations Cup, the Gulf Cup and other international tournaments. Therefore, Qatar is the only capable country at any time.” On organizing major tournaments as a result of the wonderful infrastructure.

He concluded his speech: “That Qatar will be at the opening of this World Cup is confirmation that it will be an unprecedented opening. We, as Arab media professionals, are very proud of Qatar, because it is a sister country that has given and provided much and supported Gulf and Arab media professionals, and God willing, a version will be organized that the world will talk about.”

Adnan Al-Sayed: Qatar fulfilled its promise

Veteran Kuwaiti sports journalist Adnan Al-Sayed said: Whatever we talk about Qatar, we will not fulfill its right in everything and with regard to sports, because its organization of the 2022 World Cup is preceded by great successes in the Asian and world championships in football and many other games, and Qatar always works and promises and fulfills its promise.

He added: Now two years have left since the launch of the largest sporting event in the world, the historic Qatar World Cup, which I think will be exceptional thanks to the huge capabilities that Qatar possesses in facilities, infrastructure and organizational cadres qualified with great expertise and air-conditioned stadiums, which is an unprecedented idea in all the world to confirm that it is able to host The convergence of distances between stadiums, hotels and housing is an unprecedented distinction, as more than one match can be followed in one day in the presence of a convenient transportation network through asphalt roads and metro networks.

Mufti Saeed: Qatar is the pride of the Arabs

Sudanese journalist Mufti Muhammad Saeed, Vice President of the African Sports Press Association, said: I believe that Qatar will place the whole world in the biggest challenge in organizing the best World Cup in history since the first World Cup in Paraguay, 1930

Through my multiple visits to Doha and my follow-up to the World Cup, the ingredients for Qatari success are clear since the presentation of its file and working seriously, without paying attention to plots against it to extract the organization from it … And the State of Qatar finished all its preparations two years ago and it is able to bring out the greatest World Cup.

He added: The World Cup in Qatar will be a pride for the Arabs, and it will change the world’s view and confirm that civilization began in the Arab countries and that it is indeed the land of Islam and peace.

Ziad Attia: a unique copy

Tunisian sports journalist and commentator Ziad Attia affirmed that it is nice that a major demonstration in terms of the value and size of the FIFA World Cup will be on Arab land after a long wait at a time when many consider that this game is organizational and human, it is the preserve of countries and regions without others. In winning the organization of the World Cup as the first Arab country and the Middle East region, and it broke with prejudices after it presented an integrated file and succeeded in overcoming files for countries that have huge resources in the size of Japan, South Korea, the United States of America and Australia until the dream with them became reality and on the ground.

He added, “As journalists and those interested in sports affairs in the Arab region, we follow the most accurate details of the Arab World Cup, as there is good preparation and a high level of Qatar for the success of these competitions.”

Tanzi: Converging distances helps the teams

French sports journalist Luik Tanzi confirmed on the RMC website that he sees everything ready in the State of Qatar, which is proceeding at a steady pace to host the FIFA World Cup after exactly two years, and said, “For me, it is very good. Of complete readiness despite the fact that the FIFA World Cup is still two years ahead of it.

He said, “The proximity of distances is really great, so that fans will go to watch several matches during the day, so I think this will help the participating teams shine during the competitions because they will have shorter trips, which helps them focus on the World Cup.”

On the fortunes of the French national team, Loic said, “To be a world champion again, this is wonderful, but before that the French team faced the European Nations Cup challenge after reaching the semi-finals and it will be fun.”

He said that Qatar’s success in organizing the wonderful will pave the way for a new era of distinguished organizations for the following World Cups.

Brazilian Yagua: A distinguished World Cup

Brazilian journalist Yagua Roda confirmed that for the first time they will follow the World Cup matches from the Middle East through the World Cup Qatar 2022, indicating that on the personal level, he does not know much about football in the Arab region and its national teams, but he is sure that the big teams will have their mark in the World Cup, such as His country’s national team, as well as the teams of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal, but no one knows which team will win the title.

He added: I do not have many small details about preparing for the World Cup, but I know that Qatar has made great strides in preparing to host the World Cup with good efficiency, especially with regard to stadiums, and the interest in sports is great in Qatar and I hope to be present in Qatar to cover the World Cup, which I think will be distinguished.

Heba Sabbagh: Organization of the Highest Standards

The Jordanian journalist Heba Sabbagh, the editor-in-chief of the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai Al-Aam, confirmed that she is following the Qatari preparations to host the 2022 World Cup through the great renaissance in the infrastructure that is carried out with the highest international standards in terms of public facilities, accompanying projects and all facilities related to the preparation for the World Cup, which are very important elements for any country. He wants to organize a successful World Cup, and Qatar is now providing an example and a great model for everyone. The World Cup was preceded by organizing big tournaments such as the Asian Championships in the West of the Continent and now the East of the Continent, as well as the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 just as it succeeded in organizing it before with high degrees of success and now two years remain to host the World Cup In Qatar, we affirm that it is capable and highly qualified in organizing the World Cup with great success.

Gustav: A unique event

“I believe in Qatar’s ability to host a great World Cup,” said Cameroonian journalist Emmanuel Gustav Samnik, 52, publisher of L’Actu-Sport. “After having had the opportunity to visit it four times during the World Cup bid period, I am completely confident in this. The country is about to present the most amazing World Cup for football fans.

The stadiums, medical facilities, security, shopping, transportation and accommodation facilities are of the highest international standards. I also saw that the local organizing committee has been participating with interest for several years in preparing for this unique event, and finally, what some see as (the smallness of the State of Qatar) seems to me to be a catalyst for a warm World Cup after the Covid 19 disaster due to the lack of distances as Qatar occupies a middle position on the global map and will be Very interesting to see it for the first time in the Middle East.