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The League of Arab States and the meteorological facilities in the Arab countries celebrate today the Arab Meteorological Day, corresponding to the 15th of September of each year, the day on which the Council of the League of Arab States at the ministerial level issued its decision to establish the Permanent Arab Committee for Meteorology on September 15, 1970.

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States indicated in a statement that the 15th of September this year comes as a milestone in the joint Arab work in the field of meteorology, as it coincides with the passage of half a century since the decision issued by the Council of the League of Arab States at the ministerial level to establish the permanent Arab Committee for Meteorology. Accordingly, the Arab meteorological facilities agreed that this year’s slogan will be “Climate and Community Safety.”

The committee aims to unify efforts and goals in this vital and important scientific field, believing in the vital role that meteorology plays in various areas of life, especially in the fields of air, maritime, land transport and various economic activities, and uniting the efforts of meteorological facilities that started their activities in many countries. Arabic for more than a century.

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The statement pointed out that the Arab Permanent Committee for Meteorology is working on crystallizing and developing cooperation between Arab meteorological facilities in various meteorological activities, the most important of which is providing stakeholders and decision-makers with scientific opinion documenting climate change issues, supporting and exchanging scientific and applied research of the atmosphere, managing weather risk information And the climate, and of course the meteorological services provided to different sectors, chiefly civil aviation, meteorological awareness and information activities and programs, follow-up aspects of cooperation with the World Meteorological Organization, Arab, regional and international organizations related to cooperation with regional groupings and states.

On this day, meteorological facilities also communicate with the media and other relevant sectors to raise awareness and highlight the meteorological efforts in keeping up with what the world is witnessing of unprecedented extreme weather phenomena, some of which result in human and material losses, and the measures they take to continuously and accurately monitor weather conditions. And issuing early warnings whenever necessary to mitigate these losses.

And meteorological facilities devote the technical and human means necessary to alert citizens and public authorities of bad weather situations that may pose a direct or indirect threat to the safety of people and their property.

The celebration activities this year include highlighting the efforts of the Arab meteorological services to deal with periods of epidemics and diseases such as the world is currently experiencing, and how meteorological services played a major role in reducing them and the rumors that accompanied them.