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No one would have imagined that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi would be honored with a prize centered on construction and development, especially at this time, at this time the Egyptian state mechanisms are still demolishing, destroying and destroying the homes of Egyptians and settling them on the ground, and the displacement of their people under the pain of a presidential law set by Sisi himself. Honored with a building and reconstruction award. 

Thousands of homes were evicted from their owners before they were demolished, claiming that they are illegal homes, and many other homes are under threat of demolition in various Egyptian regions and governorates. On social media platforms, the tag “Sisi demolishes our homes” appeared with it, as well as many photos and videos about home demolitions and the suffering of their owners.

At this time, and in light of the continuous congestion and boiling of the Egyptian street, the spokesman for the Egyptian presidency, Bassam Radi, announced that Egyptian President Al-Sisi had received the “Shield of Arab Development Action for the year 2020” award.

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Radi said that the Egyptian President received Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League, who presented him with the award, which is awarded annually by the League of Arab States to Arab symbols that lead the development process in their country.

Al-Sisi stressed that the shield is dedicated to all Egyptians who have contributed, with their awareness and patriotism, to the success of the economic reform efforts and the development process that is carried out with the efforts and resources of pure Egyptian.

Abu al-Ghait and tea with jasmine.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League, was the one who handed the shield to President Sisi and was portrayed with him in a memorial image that history will remember for a long time that he gave what he does not possess to those who do not deserve, and here many question marks are placed about the man’s positions that provoke daily controversy regarding the challenges and crises in the region.

Some saw that the Secretary General of the Arab League drank tea with jasmine before Sisi handing over and choosing this award. This is in reference to bribery, in some way, for a well-known purpose, which is promoting and propaganda for the Egyptian president, who faces challenges and pressures from the Egyptian street, which some see as threatening his existence and the existence of his regime.

Aboul Gheit never rose to the level of challenges. Rather, his actions go to a place far – far from the core issues at a time when the Palestine issue is facing the threat of liquidation, and the Golan Heights being lost by legitimizing Israeli sovereignty over it, while the situation in Yemen and Libya is exacerbated by the interventions and the agenda that do not You want stability, but rather driven by ambitions!

Aboul Gheit, Secretary General of the Arab wedding halls

There are many questions in the Arab world and peoples are looking for someone to represent them in the presidency of the Arab League, especially since the current secretary has turned into a permanent visitor to the Arab branch halls that the UAE and Egypt live in. Yemen, the end of normalization with the Israeli occupation.

The honor of Al-Sisi today by the Arab League and Ahmed Aboul Gheit opens the way to the question, why did the Secretary General of the League of Arab States turn into a junior employee in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, and why the decisions of this university were insulted and inconsistent with those who pay more than the Arab leaders? Honoring the dead and burying him?