Cairo – Qena:

The Arab Parliament affirmed its rejection and condemnation of any plans or procedures carried out by the Israeli entity to annex the occupied Palestinian territories, as this contradicts international law and the relevant United Nations resolutions.
This came in a statement issued by the Arab Parliament on “the developments of the Palestinian issue and the situation in the occupied territories” at the end of the closing session of the fourth session of the second legislative session of the parliament, which was held today remotely.
Parliament expressed grave concern that the Israeli entity announced its intention to implement a plan to annex large areas of the occupied West Bank, including parts of the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea region, and to impose its illegal control over Israeli settlements as part of the rejected US peace plan.
The statement considered that this step constitutes a blatant violation of the Charter of the United Nations, resolutions of international legitimacy and international law, and entrenched colonialism and settlement, pointing out that “the annexation of the lands of criminals in international law represents a declaration of war that threatens the peace, security and stability process in the region and the world.”
The Arab Parliament called on the international community, in particular the UN Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, to carry out its responsibilities and take immediate and resolute action to prevent the implementation of the scheme of occupational annexation announced by the Israeli entity.
Parliament affirmed its unwavering support for the right of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian leadership to end the occupation and establish an independent and sovereign state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with its capital in the city of Jerusalem, and to resolve the refugee issue, in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative and international legitimacy resolutions, and to release Palestinian prisoners from Israeli detention and prisons.
The government of the Israeli entity intends to present its strategy in early July on how to implement the US administration’s plan for the Middle East known as the “Deal of the Century” which is scheduled to include the entity’s annexation of the Jordan Valley and settlements in the occupied West Bank, where more than 450,000 Israelis reside in illegal settlements under international law.
On January 28, US President Donald Trump announced his administration’s peace plan for the Middle East, which stipulates that the Israeli entity includes settlements in the occupied West Bank.