The civil defence and technology security units of the security committee for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 announced that they are fully prepared to deal with any emergency at all tournament locations.
The preparations have been made for the evacuation of Khalifa International Stadium in case of any emergency, with a civil defence unit at each tournament site.
Operation centres on the Doha Corniche and Khalifa International Stadium are connected to the operations room at the National Command Center (NCC), providing security systems that work to secure the stadium and the Corniche in accordance with the latest international regulations.
As well as the completion of more than 36,000 permits for organisers, participants and security personnel involved in securing the event.
Civil defence unit co-ordinator at the IAAF Doha security committee First Lieutenant Saeed Salem al-Musallam said the civil defence unit has completed its preparations to secure the athletics championship, where there are several points that the civil defence teams equipped with security and safety equipment and mechanisms, whether on the Doha Corniche or Khalifa International Stadium or at the accommodation of the sports mission participating in the tournament.
These teams are supported by the nearby civil defence centres, the team concerned with securing the Corniche area is supported by the old Al-Ghanim Civil Defence Center, the Khalifa International Stadium team is supported by the civil defence centre of Al Aziziya, and the team of at the accommodation is supported by the nearest civil defence centre.
The tasks of the civil defence teams are to work to achieve prevention, security, and safety in all locations where the sports events are held and to ensure its safety as it reflects on the safety of everyone.
In addition to preventive tasks that are always sought before events such as alarms in the stadium, make sure there are no obstacles in the exits and ensure the evacuation plans of the stadium, as well as the introduction of volunteers and organisers of evacuation plans.
He stressed the highest level of co-operation between the units of the security committee involved in securing the tournament, taking into consideration the application of all required standards according to the requirements of the international federation.
Regarding the issuance of security permits to the parties participating in the tournament, First Lieutenant Sultan Mohamed al-Mohannadi of the technology security unit said the unit has completed all security permits for the parties participating in the tournament and areas of competence and divided them.
There are 36,000 permits were prepared for organisers, participants, and security personnel involved in insurance and support services on the Doha Corniche and inside the Khalifa International Stadium, where the areas of each permit were identified so that they do not cross the designated areas for each permit category and the stadium, has also been divided into different segments.
There are permits for all areas and others for specific areas according to the functions of the permit holder.
He explained that the role of the unit in issuing security permits comes based on the prior co-ordination between the security committee and the various concerned bodies in the country, praising the volume of co-operation between all, which contributed greatly to facilitate the tasks assigned to each side.
He stressed the security committee’s keenness to provide all the necessary facilities for the fans to watch the games in a good atmosphere which will contribute to achieving the success of the championship, adding that the security committee prepared all means of protection and security for the fans.
Regarding the technical security, First Lieutenant Talal Ahmed al-Mulla of Security Systems Department said that the department has finished equipping the operating rooms on the Doha Corniche, where marathons are held, and the sports facilities for the security staff’s systems supporting at Khalifa International Stadium, in addition to providing security systems that work on securing the stadium according to the latest regulations applicable to the security service through the NCC.
There is significant co-operation with various departments in the Ministry of Interior, he added.
He explained that the operating rooms were equipped with modern surveillance cameras linked to surveillance cameras at Doha Corniche and the surrounding areas, as well as Khalifa International Stadium and the roads leading to it to secure these areas, in addition to securing the delegations’ accommodation in various hotels.
He said that there is great co-ordination between the unit and other committees.
The work of the unit is always in co-operation with the competent bodies in the field of security systems management, Lieutenant al-Mulla added.