The Health Supervision Department of the Municipal Control Department in the Municipality of the North implemented, during the first half of this year, 3085 inspection rounds on food establishments, which resulted in the editing of 15 control minutes in violation of Law No. (8) of 1990 regarding the regulation of human food control, and an administrative closure of 3 food establishments Infraction.

The veterinarians of the department examined 3438 carcasses in domestic abattoirs, and totally destroyed 32 carcasses and partial damage to 174 carcasses. 19 requests for certificates of fish destruction were executed, and 44 samples were sent to the central laboratory.

On the other hand, the North Municipality, represented by the General Oversight Section of the Municipal Control Department in cooperation with the Services Affairs Department and the North Security Department, implemented a campaign on neglected cars and equipment, during which 13 posters were removed on neglected cars and equipment, and 3 cars were removed and removed, while 10 cars were removed And equipment neglected by the owners.