Trump and Biden … a frenzied rivalry for the presidency of the United States of America

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The exchange of accusations escalated between the American presidential candidates, just hours before the first debate between the current US President, Donald Trump, and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Today, the Trump campaign responded to the accusations of the former vice president’s campaign, which said that “the president asked the debate director not to talk about the deaths of the Corona virus,” by saying that “this is a lie and has never happened,” according to Al-Hurra TV.

“These accusations are an attempt to divert attention from the Biden campaign’s refusal to conduct a hearing aid test, drug test or the need for multiple breaks during the 90-minute debate period,” said Tim Murtah, Trump’s campaign communications director.

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The Trump campaign wanted a third party to “inspect the Democratic candidate’s ear to make sure he did not wear headphones to give him answers during the presidential debate.” But Biden’s team rejected the request, and also rejected allegations that the Democratic candidate “requested a break” between the paragraphs of the 90-minute debate.

The personal attorney for the US president claimed that Biden, 77, suffers from “dementia,” and that he is taking drugs “to treat attention deficit.”

The former vice president’s campaign exploited accusations that had escalated against Trump that he had “intentionally tampered with his tax record” as Biden released his tax records hours before the debate, challenging Trump to do the same.

Trump’s team did not respond to the request to announce the US President’s tax return, but it did respond to the New York Times report, which first reported the news, that the report was “purely false news that was completely fabricated.”

Trump affirmed, in response to a question that came at a press conference held at the White House yesterday, Sunday, that he had “paid a lot of taxes and federal income taxes, and they will be disclosed after the completion of the audit.”

Millions of people, inside and outside the United States, are turning tonight to Cleveland, Ohio, where Trump and Biden will meet to discuss six files, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court, the economy, racial issues, and violence, the outcome of the two men’s performance and the integrity of the next presidential election. Two subsequent debates between Trump and Biden on October 15 and 22 in Miami, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee, respectively.

The debate will begin at nine o’clock this evening United States time at the first hour of the morning (Wednesday) GMT, and will allow tens of millions of Americans to evaluate the candidates Trump and Biden, who accuse each other of posing an existential threat to the United States.

The first debate is usually the most difficult for the incumbent, while the first debate is better for the opponent. On the debate stage, the candidate is alone, but during the election campaigns he is surrounded by his advisers, aides and supporters, which reflects the seriousness and sensitivity of the ninety minutes of the debate.

During the year of the presidential race, American political life is witnessing profound transformations as the outbreak of the Corona virus imposed an unexpected economic recession that cast its shadow over the presidential race and changed its course, before the outbreak of the virus, expectations were showing that Trump would go to a second term with the lowest unemployment rate historically and with strong gains on Wall Street, This made the economy a strong card in its hand, but the repercussions of the virus turned things upside down.

It is possible that the candidate with the largest number of votes will not be the winner, because the president is not elected directly by the voters, but rather through what is known as the electoral college. A presidential candidate needs to get 271 votes or more to win the election. In general, the state grants all votes its electoral college to those who obtain the majority of the votes of ordinary voters.