His Excellency Mr. Alvaro Mariano Segura Avila, Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to the State, praised the great development witnessed by the State of Qatar in all fields and the high level of development, thanks to the wise leadership of the state that works for peace and prosperity.

In a statement to the Qatar News Agency “Qena” on the occasion of the National Day of the State, His Excellency said that the important achievements made by Qatar in recent years constitute a cause of pride for all its citizens with enormous production potential.

He added that the obstacles faced by the State of Qatar were a catalyst to put the country on the path of sustainable development, while Qatar has demonstrated to the international community that the culture of peace that characterizes it is the best way to promote dialogue and coexistence among the countries of the region.

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His Excellency the ambassador praised the bilateral relations that bind his country with the State of Qatar, and said, “Costa Rica and Qatar have always been linked to the peace and security of their peoples, and since the start of diplomatic relations between the two countries, respect and friendliness has been one of the most important points on which strengthening cooperation relations and exploring the potential for joint growth.”

He believed that the interest in developing productive projects and contributing to the process of reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change are essential pillars for strengthening close cooperation between the governments of the two countries and providing an opportunity to develop partnerships at the private sector level to enhance economic growth in Qatar and Costa Rica.

His Excellency also noted the successful handling of the State of Qatar in combating the Corona virus and containing the pandemic, as exceptional results have been achieved in this regard, including achieving the lowest death rates due to the virus, which are considered the lowest among the countries of the world, thanks to the control measures that have been put in place since the beginning.

His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to the State said that the plans put in place by the State of Qatar to limit the impact of the pandemic succeeded in mitigating the harmful effects on the economy, while, at the international level, the assistance provided by the State of Qatar to many countries and the international community was invaluable in combating the epidemic and limiting. Side effects are minimal.