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The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy continues its promotional campaigns on social media as part of the intensive preparations for the local organizing committee for the final of the Emir’s Football Cup, which will witness the opening of the fourth stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the Doha Metro provides an easy, modern and affordable transport experience for fans to attend the Cup final The Prince will pass through the Riffa station on the Green Line, which is located a short walk from Al Rayyan Stadium, the fourth stadium of the Qatar World Cup 2022.
It is expected that an accurate schedule will be drawn up to ensure that the fans reach the Riffa station, and arrive at Al Rayyan Stadium to attend the final match of the Emir’s Cup in particular. The final will be played between two of the most popular clubs in Qatar, as 50% of the capacity of the World Cup stadium will be allowed to attend. In this context, the Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy website on Twitter featured a number of photos of the Riffa station near Al Rayyan Stadium and Mall of Qatar.